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(20-60 Minutes)

Offering an empowering message to inspire and empower audiences to live happy and fulfilled lives.

Practical steps for growth are discussed as well as a chance for self-inquiry and group discussion.

(Can include a brief guided meditation)


Lou Redmond is a creative inspired speaker. Lou is unafraid to share his deepest thoughts, emotions, hopes and dreams. Most of all he connects with his audience because of his passion, sincerity and authenticity. He is an evolving speaker and visionary who can connect with any age group or demographic. Expect to be motivated and inspired by his words! - Robb L.

Youth Outreach program




         Featured Speaker

        Featured Speaker

Mindfulness in schools helps student reduce stress, increase focus, and decrease the likelihood of addictive behaviors.

This 40 minute wellness session includes:

  • Intro & Discussion 
  • 5 Minutes of Deep Breathing
  • 10 Minute Mindfulness Session
  • 5-10 Basic Yoga Movement (Doesn't require mats)
  • Discussion on using Self-Affirming language to build Self-Esteem

Is your company in need of a culture shift?

"Mindfulness to change your work and your life"

This presentation will explain why mindfulness is an important tool and inspire your people to actually give it a shot!  


45 Minute Class: I'll teach mindfulness principle and give practical tools people can use. 

  • Increased Focus & Productivity
  • Reduce stress
  • Improve Personal and Professional     Relationships

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