4 Ways You've Meditated and May Not Have Known It.

I used to play beer pong like it was an Olympic sport. Every meticulous detail was important from table length to the brand of cup. 

Once the game started, I’d feed off the intensity of the crowd. My pre-shot ritual was taken in full focus. I’d splash the white ping pong ball into the water cup, give it two shakes to dry, then take my stance.

Stance was key.

With feet shoulder width, I'd eye up the ball in front of me and take vision of my target. With a couple light leg bounces, I would visualize the ball falling into the back of the cup. I’d then release with a high arc, leaving everyone in anticipation.

As I let the ball go, I knew if it was in before it landed. If the shot was executed well, it would fall into center cup, sending a splash of foam towards my opponents. A sly satisfaction would rise across my face and I couldn’t wait for the chance to do it again.

What does this have to do with meditation?


I realize now that the reason for being such a good beer pong player was my capability to zone into the moment. Every time I picked up the ball, I went into complete present state awareness. I wasn’t thinking about what happened that day, or the tests I needed to study for next week. I was all in on my goal- sink the cup.

I was in a meditation.

Meditation conjures up different thoughts for different people. Some see it as a religious practice. Some are intimidated by it. Some simply don’t understand the point. Regardless what the perception is, everyone has been in one.  

Here are 4 ways you’ve meditated and may not have known it.

Great Conversation
Have you ever talked with someone where 2 hours went by that felt like 20 minutes? You were so engrossed with connecting with that person, that time stood still. You my friend, were in a meditation.

Peak Sports or Theatre Moment
Whether the fourth quarter of your rival football game or 2nd Act of West Side Story, I’m willing to bet you felt alive and completely in the moment. You were in a meditation.

Your Workout Routine
Runner’s call it a high, body builders boast about how much they can squat, and there’s a whole #fitfam revolution happening on Instagram. If you love your workout routine, it’s because you are in a meditation.

Your Entire Childhood
How much do you miss being a kid? No worries on your plate but what park Mom was going to take you to. Every moment of life was an adventure, every day showed new games to be played. Watch how a child acts next time you get a chance and you will see someone who is in complete meditation.  

What do these all have in common?

So how can you have more of these moments in your life?

The meditation of closing your eyes and focusing on your breath actually helps have these moments happen more often. 

The reason you remember them distinctly is because you were actually in the moment, not in your head. You were in the joy of life, the now. There’s never another time.

By starting a silent meditation practice, you can train your mind to bring you more into the moment. You will begin to see life as a child again.

A challenge will bring a calm, game like, “How can we figure this out?" rather than an anxious worry.

Don’t you want to be happier, more excited, and have more fun?

Give it a try.

I’ve recorded some meditations on my YouTube channel to get you started.

PS. I don’t drink anymore but I’d still take anyone down in a game of beer pong.  ;)