On January 6th 2015, I made the scariest decision of my life - I quit my job. You may be thinking, "So what? people quit their jobs everyday." Well it wasn't in typical fashion. I didn’t just quit, I QUIT like I was committing suicide. So much so, police were sent to my home in fear that I actually was committing suicide.

I guess I can't blame them.

What I did made ZERO sense. I quit with no two week notice, I had no money saved, and not a clue of what I was going to do. All I knew is something larger than I was calling, and I had one chance to find out what it was. So I decided to take a big leap of faith.

But what was I going to do?

I jumped into the unknown without a clue of how I was going to live this calling. It was through my bold move that I learned how supported we are when we move towards the direction of our dreams. It's this message I am here to share. I am here to re-instill the faith inside that living your truth is not only possible, it's your duty.

I talk about finding your truth, which is really finding your passion, your purpose, your love, that thing that makes you feel most alive and expansive. I call it truth, but you can call it whatever you want. I’m here to speak my truth to show you how to find yours. My truth may be different than yours, but it's the process of learning who we are that we discover the greatest gift life has to offer. 

Where I came from

I lived a life of vanity, substance abuse, and mediocrity. I worked your typical 9-5 and lived life for the weekends. I knew deep down there had to be more but never knew how to go about finding it. I let others dictate what I wanted and found myself directionless in a life I didn't choose. I lacked purpose, meaning, and fulfillment. I never thought I could follow my dreams. Instead I used all the passion I had to propel an excessive party lifestyle. I was drifting through a sad, substance fueled existence, and couldn’t see the road signs that read “dead end.” 

What happened?

I met a group of entrepreneurs who changed the way I viewed the world. They ran million dollar companies, expressed their deepest emotions, and challenged each other to pursue their dreams. It made me realize I'd been living far under my potential. It sparked the decision to take control of my life rather than play a victim to my circumstances. I set out on a new journey of personal development and haven't looked back since. It's become my new addiction.


I'm not an alcoholic or a drug addict. I just opened up to realize they did not serve me anymore. That's when I transformed. A catalyst for the transformation has been meditation. Through quieting my outer world, I have been able to dive deep inside and find my true nature. It's a gift I am here to share. I'm here to inspire others with what I learned and show the way to life of deeper fulfillment. Many people are living far under their potential.

I know first hand that no matter where you are or what your circumstance is, you have the ability to change your situation. I've made it my mission to encourage you to do just that. To transform your life to one of meaning, joy, and a greater understanding of who you are.